ZixOne A Simple BYOD

Mobile devices have profoundly impacted the way people live and work. They have also altered the way business operates. Employees no longer want to use corporate-issued smartphones or tablets, instead preferring to conduct work and access corporate data from their personal devices. Business has begun to accept this reality, otherwise known as bring- your-own-device (BYOD). In fact, 38 percent of companies expect to stop providing devices to workers by 2016.1 While business moves forward with implementing BYOD policies, they continue to struggle with finding an effective BYOD solution.

Current BYOD solutions either jeopardize corporate data by allowing data to reside on the device, or they sacrifice the user experience. If corporate data is left unsecured on the device, then companies are exposed to security and compliance threats. If the user experience is ignored, then the success of the solution will be impaired; after all, the BYOD movement started due to user demand. The only BYOD solution that will be truly effective is one that meets both business needs and employee demands.

ZixOne is a mobile app that simplifies the BYOD challenge by enabling easy access to the most used business application on mobile devices – email. Of all activities performed on mobile devices, email still remains the most popular – at 79 percent for smartphones and 72 percent for tablets.2 By focusing on business’ greatest exposure, ZixOne provides the ultimate BYOD solution – uncompromised benefits for both companies and employees – with a simple per user price.

Corporate Data Protection

ZixOne raises the bar on BYOD security by not allowing email data to reside on the device. Through a secure email environment, employees interact with their mobile email as usual. If the device is lost or stolen, companies disable access. Because data does not reside on the device, companies do not have to manage or worry about thousands of copies of emails and attachments. In addition, ZixOne offers reporting capabilities to determine what email was last accessed on the device, which assists compliance and security officers with their regulatory obligations. Without access to other aspects of the personal device, ZixOne also eliminates any corporate legal liability in the event employees or contractors want to sue their company for illegal actions associated with monitoring personal mobile data.

An Unrivaled User Experience

ZixOne combines a familiar look and feel for the corporate email interface with greater speed and security. After entering a passcode, employees read, compose, reply and forward corporate email as usual. Their calendar and contacts remain intact and are accessible through the app. Employees also instantly view attachments from the exchange server, instead of the usual delay created as the whole attachment is downloaded to the device. Most importantly, ZixOne provides the convenience, control and privacy employees demand, because their company only controls access to corporate email.

A History of Leadership

ZixCorp is the leader of email encryption services. It has gained the trust of the nation’s most influential organizations by providing easy to use, reliable secure email through The Power of Everyone, a community of tens of millions of users. Zix understands secure email and uses its expertise to offer a simple BYOD solution that meets both business needs and employee demands and provides benefits beyond industry standards.

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