Data Center Design

Your data center is the core of your IT infrastructure. Whether you have one server, a rack full of servers, or several racks, it is important to plan your data center right and have it run smoothly indefinitely. There are many parts to plan for when it comes to your data center including power redundancy, heating and cooling requirements, available space in the area, disaster recovery planning, requirements of networking and server equipment, and power consumption. Omega Technology Group can help you design and deploy a new data center or simply audit and offer suggestions on how to improve your current data center.

Power Consumption

One of the major risk factors for your data center comes down to power redundancy. You may purchase a server that has multiple power supplies that can provide redundancy in case one power supply fails or simply the power goes out for one of the outlets that a power supply is plugged into. A very important commodity for your data center is an Uninterruptible Power Source, or UPS, which is just a big phrase for a very large battery. These batteries come in all shapes and sizes with various capacities of battery. The length of time that your data center can stay running depends on the amount of equipment you plan to run off of your UPS. Which the amount of items in your rack with varying degrees of power consumption it can be difficult to identify the UPS capacity yourself. Give us a call and we would be happy to help!

Heating and Cooling

hot has a higher chance of failure and is less efficient than a properly cooled piece of equipment. Running the equipment too cold can increase your power bill dramatically. There is a happy medium where you should keep your aim to keep your equipment and some very complex calculations for what sort of heating and cooling unit is necessary to achieve optimal results at the lowest running cost possible. Omega Technology Group is an expert in this area and can help you properly plan for all of your data center needs.

Data Center Optimization

Do you have an existing data center infrastructure that is not performing as well as you think it should? Omega Technology Group can help you optimize your data center by looking at a variety of elements and maximizing the efficiency of your current infrastructure. We will also give suggestions on how to optimize the processes and services being utilized on your network and discuss the best in class products for those services. Give us a call today to discuss your data center needs.