Network Security

Computers have become an essential part of running a successful business in this day and age. Everything you do is stored on your computer or another computer on your network and everything is shared between yourself and your colleagues. Hackers realized this a long time ago and will attack even the smallest companies in hopes of obtaining information that they can utilize for profit. Most networks are regularly poked, prodded, and attacked by nefarious people and programs trying to gain any sort of access that they can in order to spy on you and steal your data. Network security has become paramount for running a successful business for these reasons.

The Importance of Your Firewall

Your firewall is the edge device on your network. That means that the firewall is the very last component that your devices on your network hit before they get out to the internet. Your firewall is in charge of blocking all traffic that should not be allowed while allowing the appropriate traffic in. It may seem like all firewalls are the same, so you can simply buy whatever is cheapest and set it up yourself and everything on your network will always be protected. That is unfortunately not the case. Firewalls come in all shapes and sizes and are built for different amounts of internal and external traffic. If you get an underpowered firewall you will notice issues with your internal network because it simply cannot handle the traffic.

The Omega Technology Group Firewall

The Omega Technology Group firewall is not your average firewall. Our Firewall is built to handle a network load much larger than you are likely able to reach, and has a range of features that supports any business. Some of these features include:

  • Connectivity Testing
  • IPS/IDS Firewall
  • Auto Quality of Service Calibration
  • HIPAA/PCI Compliance Reports
  • New Cyber Attack Blocking
  • Dual Wan Fail-Over
  • 4G Wireless Backup
  • Speed Test Tracking
  • User Specific Access Control
  • VLAN 801.q Tagging
  • Internal Threat Analysis

Those are only a handful of the advanced features that the Omega Technology Group firewall can provide. Our firewall can handle anything that you can throw at it, and more. Give us a call today to discuss our firewall product and how we can help protect and optimize your network using one simple product.

Wi-Fi Security

It is important to properly protect your Wi-Fi network. It is easy for people to hide from your sight and be able to access your Wi-Fi network and be able to attack your network from the inside. With a secure Wi-Fi password and security method, you can prevent individuals from accessing your network and protect your network and more importantly, your precious internet bandwidth. Omega Technology Group can help protect your network from every angle. Give us a call at 800-818-8488 to talk about your needs today.