Zix Email Encryption

Omega Technology Group has been a Premier Partner of Zix Corporation since 2007.

Technology has transformed the way that we do business and today’s companies are called upon to work within regulatory guidelines, established to ensure responsible business practices. To that end, compliance with regulations is a priority for healthcare, financial services and government organizations; it may also need to be a priority for your organization.

ZixCorp provides a variety of email encryption and email data protection options to satisfy regulatory compliance measures, as well as offer individual users the highest level of email security. ZixCorp is a leader in email data protection, offering comprehensive solutions for a variety of needs including ZixMSP, ZixMail, ZixProtect, ZixEncrypt, ZixArchive, ZixPort, and ZixOne. You can find more details on each of these solutions below.

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    Hosted Email Encryption

    ZixMSP is Omega’s hosted email encryption service. A variety of affordable package options allows us to manage implementation, protect email users and ensure ongoing compliance; all with no hassle for our customers.

    Desktop Email Encryption

    ZixMail® offers desktop email encryption. Once the ZixMail plug-in is installed, it will integrate directly into your Outlook toolbar. The simple click of a button is all it takes to encrypt or decrypt a message. ZixMail is a convenient, efficient secure email service that protects your company’s data.

    Policy Based Encryption

    ZixEncrypt offers policy-based email encryption and email data loss prevention to make securing your sensitive email
    communication easy. ZixEncrypt scans the content of all your outbound email and automatically encrypts based on
    policies you define. It automatically ensures compliance of your email communication without requiring special training or
    procedures for your employees.

    Secure Messaging Service

    ZixArchive provides secure email retention for compliance and eDiscovery with policy-based retention, automatic indexing, flexible search and legal hold. As a secure and highly available cloud-based service, ZixArchive can be quickly deployed and is easily managed through a centralized web interface.

    Email Threat Protection, Encryption
    and Data Loss Prevention

    ZixOne is a mobile app that simplifies the BYOD challenge by enabling easy access to the most used business application on mobile devices – email. ZixOne raises the bar on BYOD security by not allowing email data to reside on the device. Through a secure email environment, employees interact with their mobile email as usual. If the device is lost or stolen, companies disable access.

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    No matter which solution makes sense for your business or industry, you’ll receive comprehensive products and unsurpassed customer service.

    ZixCorp is a leader in email data protection. They offer industry-leading email encryption, a unique email DLP solution and an innovative email BYOD solution to meet your company’s data protection and compliance needs. With ZixCorp email encryption solutions, your messages can be delivered transparently and seamlessly, while protecting sensitive information and providing you with the ultimate peace of mind.

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