Why Hosted Email Encryption?

Email encryption can be expensive and complicated, but Omega Technology Group offers hosted solutions that are easy, affordable, and take the headache out of email encryption for you.

Hosted email encryption addresses the shortcomings of voluntary email encryption by scanning all outgoing messages for protected content. Since this scanning is done at the email gateway, it is usually compatible with any email client or server. In addition, it requires no knowledge or action on the part of the sender, and perhaps more importantly it prevents users from deliberately sending protected information without encryption. In most cases, including the ZixMSP hosted solution, this is achieved through the use of detailed, pre-populated lexicons containing thousands of words, phrases, and number strings (credit cards, SSNs, etc) against which the content of the message is compared. For GLBA and HI-TECH, these lexicons meet compliance requirements and guidelines for disclosure of protected information, and remove the burden placed on the sender of knowing which messages should be encrypted. In addition, custom lexicons can be created for organization-specific content.  Protect all your email users, ensure compliance, and allow us to do the work. We’ll take care of the entire implementation for you.

Packages start at $70.00 per seat!*

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* There is a one-time setup fee for hosted email encryption to be negotiated based on size and specific customer configuration needs.

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