ZixArchive provides secure email retention for compliance and eDiscovery with policy-based retention, automatic indexing, flexible search and legal hold. As a secure and highly available cloud-based service, ZixArchive can be quickly deployed and is easily managed through a centralized web interface.


Policy-based Retention

ZixArchive automatically collects all email communication indefinitely but provides policy controls to limit what emails get archived and for how long. Through the archiving policies, you can set what emails get archived based on the sender and recipient email addresses. Wildcarding is supported to make it easy to define policies for specific groups of users. You can also define the retention period of archived emails at a global level or a policy level. When creating a legal hold, you can override the retention period for the emails in the hold.

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    ZixArchive’s eDiscovery capabilities start with automatically indexing every email at the time of archiving. The indexing makes it possible to search large amounts of email data in seconds. The search parameters can be as easy as a term or email address or more sophisticated based on multiple search criteria across the email header information and content. There is also a random sample search capability that can be used for legal audits where a certain percentage of emails need to be reviewed for compliance.

    Search criteria can be saved and reused by one or all users, and the emails in the search results can be viewed, redelivered, exported or put into a legal hold.

    Legal Hold

    When creating a legal hold for the process of a legal or audit request, ZixArchive makes the process of collecting and sharing emails easy and straightforward. After searching the email archive based on defined criteria, the resulting emails can be saved into one or more defined legal holds. The retention period for the legal hold can be set independent of policies to ensure the hold is retained during the review period. Additionally, you can electronically share a legal hold with anyone, including your outside legal counsel or auditor. This eliminates the need to ship thumb drives or hard drives full of potentially confidential company data. When the review of the hold is completed, access to the data can be easily revoked.

    Business Continuity

    ZixArchive can also be paired with ZixProtect to serve as a backup email system. If your email server is inaccessible, your company can continue to exchange messages anytime, anywhere. Once back online, emails spooled during the down time are then delivered to your email servers.