ZixProtect is a security solution that protects email by combining advanced threat protection, encryption and data loss prevention to deliver increased security with an easy to use experience.

Email Threat Protection

ZixProtect provides 99.5% accuracy in detecting spam, viruses, zero-day malware, ransomware and phishing. ZixProtect’s multi-layer filtering engine provides a higher level of accuracy that reduces both false negatives (bad emails getting in) and false positives (good emails kept out). This reduces the time your IT team has to spend managing the system and improves business communication flow.

Multi-layer filtering

ZixProtect’s multi-layer filtering engine provides more accurate threat protection by putting more emphasis on the email content instead of the source of the email. ZixProtect combines standard IP address and URL filters with targeted phrase, pattern and malware filters. The phrase filters look for complete phrases instead of just terms to precisely identify unwanted solicitation or phishing emails. The customized pattern filters allow specific attack campaigns to be identified and blocked. Finally the malware filters identify both known and zero-day malware attacks, and the re-filtering technology allows additional analysis of questionable emails.

These robust filters are combined with live threat analysis, automated traffic analysis and sophisticated machine learning to create a system that is able to accurately identify even zero-hour attacks.

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    19,000+ customers using Zix include:

    • All Federal Financial Institutions
    • Examination Council (FFIEC) regulators
    • The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
    • 30% of U.S. banks
    • 1,200+ U.S. hospitals
    • 30+ Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) plans


    • Protection from spam, phishing, zero-day malware and more
    • Automatic encryption of sensitive information in email communication
    • Prevent sensitive data from being sent to unauthorized recipients
    • Convenient user experience for increased adoption of email security
    • Improved compliance with regulations and corporate policies


    • Multi-layer threat filtering combined with machine learning and live threat protection
    • Policy-based email encryption and data loss prevention with pre-built filters for regulatory compliance
    • Transparent, bi-directional encryption between Zix customers
    • Mobile-friendly secure portal for delivering encrypted emails to anyone, anywhere

    Business Email Continuity

    Additionally, ZixProtect includes email continuity to ensure access to business emails during an email service disruption. ZixProtect spools incoming emails for up to 5 days and then delivers them when the email server comes back up. Users can also access 30-days’ worth of emails through a Web-based interface where they can read, reply, forward and compose new messages.

    Email Encryption

    ZixProtect email encryption automatically determines the most efficient way to securely deliver sensitive emails using our patented Best Method of Delivery. Through the Best Method of Delivery, encrypted emails are delivered to anyone, anywhere and often transparently.

    As part of the Best Method of Delivery, Zix offers the industry’s only bidirectional transparent email encryption, enabling senders and recipients to exchange encrypted email without any extra steps. When you send an encrypted email to another Zix customer, the message and replies are encrypted transparently, so that not even a password is needed. ZixProtect also offers a secure way to try sending using Transport Layer Security (TLS) without being susceptible to a man-in-the-middle attack.

    When sending to recipients who do not have email encryption capabilities, Zix offers a secure portal that makes receiving an encrypted email easy, even on a mobile device. The secure portal can be branded and configured to meet your business needs and can be integrated into you corporate website.

    Email Data Loss Prevention

    ZixProtect provides robust filtering technology that enables you to define and manage policy rules for protecting sensitive email content and ensuring compliance. Pre-defined filters are available for healthcare, financial services, state privacy, education and more. Based on the email content, policies can be defined to determine if the email should be blocked, routed, quarantined or encrypted.