ZixCorp HealthCare Solutions
Email Encryption Service for Healthcare

ZixCorp is the leader in healthcare email security. The Company’s Email Encryption Service enables healthcare organizations to protect sensitive personal health information (PHI) sent via email.  As electronic health records become more prevalent, the risk of data exposure also increases. ZixCorp helps protect PHI with email encryption services that work with your existing systems to:

  • Enforce privacy policies
  • Reduce the risk of data leaks
  • Eliminate human error
  • Avoid security vulnerabilities

One of every five American hospitals use ZixCorp for email encryption. That is more than 1,200 hospitals who believe in protecting their patient’s information with ZixCorp’s Email Encryption Service. When a healthcare institution uses ZixCorp’s Email Encryption Service, they get seamless, secure email communications with every other ZixCorp customer, with no extra effort.  That means instant secure communications with other hospitals and health plans. Other solutions require complex key management and communication – ZixCorp is simple and easy to use.

ZixCorps’s email encryption services protect tens of millions of people. ZixCorp insurance customers include:

  • WellPoint
  • More than 30 Blue Cross and Blue Shield organizations
  • One in five U.S. hospitals

Automatic PHI Content Scanning — Accurate, Convenient

ZixCorp’s Email Encryption Service has built-in lexicons that automatically detect and encrypt messages that contain personally identifiable information. It’s invisible to end users and helps prevent accidental transmission of confidential data.

ZixCorp Benefits for the Healthcare Community:

  • Compliance with HIPAA email security rules
  • Protection of PHI
  • Deployment in less than a day
  • Easy to use and administer
  • Seamless integration
  • Send-to-anyone capability