ZixCorp Government Solutions
Email Encryption Service for Government

Local, state, and national government agencies can easily safeguard email communications — and save substantial money and time — by using ZixCorp’s Email Encryption Service. Our FIPS compliant service works with existing systems to provide easy-to-deploy, economical security solutions. ZixCorp’s success and expertise in the government sector make it the top choice for an easy-to-use encryption solution for your government organization.

Automatic Content Scanning — Accurate, Convenient

The ZixCorp Email Encryption Service has built-in lexicons that automatically detect and encrypt messages that contain personally identifiable information. It’s transparent to end users and helps prevent accidental transmission of confidential data, including:

  • Protected Health Information
  • Personal financial information
  • Social Security numbers
  • Account numbers
  • Credit card numbers

ZixCorp government customers include:

  • The Federal Financial Regulators
  • State Health Regulators
  • County Governments
  • More than 20 State Banking Regulators, including:
    • Arkansas State Bank Department
    • Colorado Division of Banking
    • Florida Department of Financial Services
    • Georgia Department of Banking and Finance
    • Iowa of State Banking
    • Kansas Office of the State Bank Commissioner
    • Maine Bureau of Financial Institutions
    • Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Services
    • Missouri Division of Finance
    • Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance
    • State of New York Banking Department
    • North Carolina Commissioner of Banks
    • North Dakota Department of Financial Institutions
    • Texas Department of Banking
    • Washington State Department of Financial Institutions
    • West Virginia Department of Banking
    • Wyoming Division of Banking