Physical Security

The physical security and safety of your business and your employees has never been more important than it is today. Many sad and terrible events have happened in recent times that have our safety at the top of our minds. There are ways to help prevent tragic events from happening, as well as help protect your business and its belongings from theft and other crimes. Omega Technology Group offers services in both the access control industry as well as the security camera industry. We can help you secure your premise and keep a watchful eye over your belongings.

Security Cameras

Take your security to the next level using security cameras. Utilizing security cameras allows you to monitor your location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can have as many security cameras setup wherever you would like to monitor and record what the camera sees in order to be able to backtrack and see what was happening when you were not around. Many of these systems allow you to have notifications setup such as email or text message with screenshots when motion is detected. Security cameras are also a very common way to deter criminals from doing nefarious things around your business.

Access Control

Access control helps prevent unauthorized access to your location. Access control works by keep all of your doors locked and to gain access, an individual would need a special code or a special type of key card in order to unlock the door. These types of systems are can be setup a number of ways to provide as much, or as little access control as you’d like. Many businesses focus on controlling entry to a building all together using these systems. Other companies decide to use much more granular controls and control entry to entire departments, only allowing those who work in that department to access those areas. You can control as much or as little using access control to your location as you’d like.

No matter what your physical security needs are, Omega Technology Group can help you utilize technology to optimize your needs. Give us a call at 800-818-8488 to talk with us to discuss your physical security needs.