Omega Technology Group's Hosted Email Services

Omega Technology Group utilizes an award winning enterprise-class messaging and collaboration solution that provides immediate and secure communications anytime, anywhere to small and mid-sized businesses globally. Omega Technology Group’s Hosted email service delivers email and instant messaging, scheduling, task management and more through a desktop application, web browser, mobile device or preferred messaging application. The hosted email solution includes automated backup and archiving, and is available as a Cloud-based service or on-premises for Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.

Fully Managed – No Technical Knowledge Required

The Omega Technology Group email solution is hosted in our data center, helping you save money in costly hardware and licensing infrastructure for on premise email solutions. Our hosted solution also allows you to easily access your email from virtually any device in any location with an internet connection. Our technicians will help you implement your new email system, whether for a brand new installation or a migration from a previous solution. Our fully hosted email solution includes:
  • Hosted in our data center, saving you money in costly hardware and software licensing.
  • Administration of your email system from in depth configuration requirements to user management.
  • Migration of information from previous email solution.
  • Help in setup and configuration of email client’s whether Windows, Android, or Mac devices.

Why choose hosted instead of on premise email systems?

When you choose to use our hosted email solution as opposed to choosing an on premise email system, you achieve substantial savings across the board. An on premise solution requires the physical hardware infrastructure, usually a high powered service and other advanced networking components to allow your email server to reach the outside world. You also need to purchase software and a software license (usually including annual maintenance fees) in order to install your preferred system. You also need to worry about the cost of administering the physical components as well as the email system itself. Omega Technology Group houses a state of the art data center specifically designed to run and maintain your email service. By using our hosted email service, you pay a low monthly per user rate and we take care of the rest.

Easy to Use

Our email services are easy to use for any number of users on a wide range of devices. We provide FREE desktop software for both Windows and iOS that allows you to quickly and easily manage your email, calendars, shared calendars, contacts, tasks, and even instant messaging between colleagues. We also provide support for integration with Microsoft Outlook 2007. Our email services also integrate perfectly with built in email applications for both Android and iPhone devices, as well as tablet and other smart devices. The email service allows you to access your email and all other features in a web browser so you can email, chat, check your calendar and tasks even from virtually anywhere.
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