Data and Wireless Infrastructure

Ethernet cabling and Wi-Fi signal make up the backbone of your network. These infrastructures need to be setup properly in order for your network to work as efficiently as possible. You need a vendor that you can trust to setup, calibrate, and test your infrastructure to ensure 100% connectivity. That is where Omega Technology Group comes in. Omega Technology Group has been in the cabling infrastructure and networking industry for over 20 years.

Wired or Wireless?

There are substantial cost differences between running a wired or wireless network. Wireless typically comes out on top as the cheaper option, however, it is not always the best. Wireless works well for non-network intensive applications. Wi-Fi has a few major issues that could affect your choice. Wi-Fi is susceptible to interference from other electrical equipment and can therefore be prone to drop outs. Wi-Fi is also only running at half duplex, which means that it can either send or receive packets, but never both at the same time. Wired infrastructure runs at full duplex with the ability to send and receive at the same time. Due of the duplexing differences as well as the tendency for electricity to run faster than radio signals, a wired connection is usually faster and more reliable than a Wi-Fi signal.

The best solution is to use both a wired network and a wireless network. It is important to keep network intensive and critical systems on a wired network to maintain as much network uptime as possible. Your Wi-Fi network can be used for mobility for laptops, smart phones, and non-critical components.

Long Distance Networking

There are primarily two ways to communicate between devices over a long distance outdoors. One route is to use fiber optic cable that is run either underground, or connected via the same poles that electric companies utilize. Having a physical connection is ideal, but is not always practical. Wireless signal can also be transmitted over distances that are 20 or more kilometers away. The gotcha with wireless is that you need to have a direct line of site in order to communicate. This problem can be solved by deploying multiple wireless devices in a chain in order to navigate around obstacles.

No matter your network infrastructure needs, Omega Technology Group has you covered with our years of experience and expertise. Call us today at 800-818-8488 to discuss your environment and the best way to ensure that your network infrastructure is robust and able to support your needs.